The rules relating to family law indisputably stand apart.


Effectively, a judge with specialist functions in the Court of First Instance has jurisdiction, in accordance with the law, to make rulings on the difficulties that may arise in family relationships.


This is the juge tutélaire (guardianship judge).


To this end, he or she can take the measures necessary for the protection of minors and incapacitated adults.


He or she alone has jurisdiction to change the normal place of residence of a minor whose parents are judicially separated or divorced.


The guardianship judge is also responsible for the general supervision of the statutory authorities, guardians and measures with regard to incapacitated adults.


In divorce matters, the Court of First Instance has jurisdiction where the respondent’s domicile is within the Principality but also where the matrimonial home is outside Monaco and where at least one of the spouses is of Monegasque nationality.


Monegasque law has other particularities, notably with regard to adoption, matrimonial property arrangements, inheritance and gifts.


The PASTOR-BENSA Law Firm offers its expertise in family law, whether in divorce by mutual consent, uncontested or contested cases. 


For these, Mrs Joëlle PASTOR-BENSA and Mr Bernard BENSA will, as trained mediators, work in an attempt to resolve conflicts.


Their area of experience also covers changes of matrimonial property arrangements as well as all matters concerning personal status.